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HXP50 hexapod

Newport has introduced its HXP50 hexapod, a parallel kinematic motion device that provides 6-axis axis of motion: X, Y, Z, pitch, roll and yaw.  

Compact but rigid, the new hexapod is for motion applications that require complex combinations of rotation and linear motion, high load capacity, and repeatability in up to six independent axes.  Newport’s new hexapod has no moving cables, features high stiffness (especially in the z-axis), no accumulation of errors, and two virtual and programmable pivot points. It is ideal for applications in optics and satellite assembly and testing, alignment of sensors and waveguides, X-ray diffraction, micromachining, micro-manipulation, and more.

Highly versatile, the HXP50 hexapod can be configured for specific tooling needs. The HXP50 is driven by six DC servo-motor-driven actuators with encoder feedback at the lead screw nut, providing fine MIM, low backlash and high speed. Another innovation is in the spherical joints that connect the actuator to the top and bottom plates. The joints are simple, yet enhance the rigidity of the hexapod to deliver improved accuracy and robust motion performance.


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