IMS-LM-SA Series linear motor stage

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Newport has introduced the standalone IMS-LM-SA Series of long-travel linear motor stages, based on a stiff-body design, and available in 800, 1000 and 1200mm travel. Cost-effective and robust, the IMS-LM-SA linear motor stages do not require ultra flat mounting surfaces, making them ideal for research and light industrial tasks.

The motor stages are perfectly suited for high-precision, light-to-medium industrial applications that carry up to 10kg loads. These applications include semiconductor wafer inspection, micro-electronics test and assembly, pick and place, DNA sequencing, laser machining, bio-printing and tissue engineering.

Features include industrial-grade direct drive linear motors, direct read linear encoders, recirculating ball bearings, and a stiff, FEA-optimised aluminum base. The IMS-LM-SA stages also utilise a four-point mounting method, ensuring stability even when mounted on less than ideal, flat surfaces. When mounted on a Newport table, the sturdy stage design ensures accuracy, high-throughput, and repeatable, bi-directional performance. These are also compatible with Newport’s XPS controller with ESP technology that will automatically recognise the connected stage and upload the operating parameters for a quick, safe start.