HydraHarp 400 software v1.2

Picoquant has released v1.2 of its software to support the HydraHarp 400 time-correlated single photon counting system. The new version includes a real-time correlator for fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) that calculates two autocorrelations and the cross correlation between two photon streams simultaneously, making best use of current multiprocessor systems.

The new release also provides support for Windows 7. It furthermore supports the latest HydraHarp hardware with up to eight timing input channels. Each channel offers 1ps resolution, a processing rate of 12.5 million counts per second per channel, a very short dead time and an extremely low differential non-linearity. All channels operate independently, but with a common crystal time base. Therefore, not only TCSPC histograms for the measurement of fluorescence decays, but also picosecond coincidence correlations across all channels can be obtained. The latter is of great interest in single molecule work and quantum information processing research.