Super broadband, high energy polarisers

BFi Optilas is now the European distributor for Precision Photonics Corporation's (PPC) line of super broadband, high energy polarisers for visible to near-infrared applications. The components utilise PPC’s advanced ion-beam-sputtering (IBS) coatings and Telcordia-qualified CADB epoxy-free bonding technique to provide low-loss optical components that are thermally stable. The optics are suitable for high power Nd:YAG and fibre laser applications, in which fluences can be greater than 500mJ/cm2 and calcite or cemented cube polarisers cannot be used.

This super broadband polariser maintains a >500:1 extinction ratio throughout the entire visible to near-IR wavelength range (400-1,100nm) without sacrificing overall transmission (Tp >92 per cent) or damage threshold (>10J/cm2). These fused silica beam splitters are available with a standard 0.5 x 0.5-inch input face, and custom prism polariser assemblies are available in sizes from 1mm to >25mm.