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iC-HL Digital potentiometer

iCHaus has launched a 1,024-step logarithmic precision potentiometer, the iC-HL, which can be used to set the optical output power of laser diodes in conjunction with APC laser drivers.

Across a wide resistance range, iC-HL's logarithmic characteristic curve provides a continuous setup precision for the optical output power. In each setting a step size of typically one per cent is the result, referenced to the current resistance.

The resistance can be set using a new, wireless, optical programming interface based on the transmission of PWM coded light pulses straight into the laser monitor diode. Even assembled and encapsulated modules and those mounted in inaccessible places can be calibrated or their output power altered. Transmission is protected against manipulation by encryption and CRC.

Programming commands can also be sent via a TTL-compatible, serial, wire-bound interface. An up/down interface is also provided for simple use in APCs. The chip's integrated E²PROM permits the set resistance to be permanently stored.


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