FL591FL Evaluation Board

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The FL591FL Evaluation Board has been introduced to Wavelength Electronics range, available from Laser Physics UK. The evaluation board is designed so that you can fully characterise the FL500, enabling users to know exactly how it will perform in an application, and ensuring there will be no surprises during the development process. The FL500 is used in hand-held, portable, and space constrained applications. The FL500 can be used for airborne applications, and the dual-channel output is for sighting-and-detection applications. The FL591FL’s features include, setpoint-output combinations, and the setpoint is able to be controlled using the onboard trimpots or via an external control with use of the BNC connector.  Set with onboard switches the control mode can be set to constant current or constant power, and when operated as two independent drivers, the two channels can be operated in different modes.