iChrome MLE light engine

Toptica Photonics has introduced its iChrome MLE, a compact multi-laser OEM light engine for multi-colour applications in biophotonics. Up to four different lasers can be selected to match the specific application, covering a range of wavelengths from 405 to 660nm. Two versions of the system are available; an all-diode laser system, the iChrome MLE-S, comprising up to four different diode lasers, and the iChrome MLE-L, which includes up to three diode lasers and a DPSS laser in a single box. The individual lasers are efficiently combined to yield high power levels and are delivered as free beams or through a single-mode, polarisation-maintaining fibre (all-in-one PM/SM fibre output). The standard wavelength selection includes 405nm (50mW), 445nm (25mW), 488nm (30mW), 532nm (30mW), 561nm (30mW) and 640nm (50mW) - the given powers are after single-mode fibre delivery.  

Toptica’s CoolAC technology automatically aligns the system with a single button, eliminating the need for manual readjustments. The iChrome MLE features a compact footprint (201 x 250 x 110mm for the iChrome MLE-S and 295 x 250 x 110mm for the iChrome MLE-L) and flexible communication interfaces (RS 232, TCP/IP). The microprocessor controlled system enables flexible OEM integration in instruments such as microscopes or flow cytometers for demanding cell biology applications requiring multiple wavelengths. High speed analogue (1MHz) and digital modulation (20MHz) allow fast switching of laser wavelengths and intensities for minimal exposure of the sample, reducing phototoxicity and bleaching.