Toptica Photonics has expanded the product portfolio of its BlueMode diode laser family to include green and red modes.

The new GreenMode and RedMode models transfer the original concept – high power and high coherence from a single diode – across the visible spectrum. All models are now available with Toptica's proprietary Charm technology, a technique for active coherence control.

Toptica's BlueMode has rapidly gained acceptance in demanding laser based inspection and metrology tasks. Researchers and engineers benefit from the combination of high power (up to 50mW at 405nm) and single frequency laser operation, which is unmatched by any other direct diode based source.

The established BlueMode wavelengths (405, 445 and 488nm) are now complemented by new GreenMode (515nm, 25mW) and RedMode (638nm, 30mW and 685nm, 25mW) models. Blue and green wavelengths are well suited for Raman spectroscopy and quantum cryptography, whereas red wavelengths are a common choice in interferometry. Applications requiring multiple laser lines will appreciate the option of running two lasers simultaneously with the same set of driver electronics.