IDL 200

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JDSU has launched its Industrial Diode Laser (IDL) 200 Series systems and modules, which the company says will help end users and system integrators to improve the uptime of their instruments and lower maintenance costs when compared to the use of similar bar-based products. The new IDL 200 Series will be integrated into production tools designed exclusively for manufacturing processes that include plastics welding in the automotive industry and selective soldering in the electronics industry.

The IDL 200 Series features single emitter architecture based on JDSU's proven and widely adopted L4 diode lasers. Each diode laser emitter operates in parallel and is unaffected by thermal cross-talk that can damage other emitters, common in competing technologies. The result of JDSU's design is highly reliable operation over the life of products in even the most demanding operational environments. In addition, JDSU's single-emitter based products operate reliably under modulated conditions (pulsed on and off) without the lifetime limitations associated with competing bar-based technologies.

The IDL 200 Series systems and modules also include multiple-point monitoring of the individual output power of each diode emitter, ambient and internal system temperatures, various critical system voltages, and other key functions. Data is reported back to the operator through various ports, including analog, RS-232 and a front-mounted serial USB port. Health information can be monitored in real time and a regularly updated health log is available through the USB port for easy downloading and review.