ST Series Fibre Laser Pump

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JDSU has introduced two new high-performance lasers that it says bring new efficiencies to the manufacturing and life sciences markets.

First, JDSU introduced its ST Series Fibre Laser Pump, featuring what the company class is the brightest fibre-coupled diode laser performance available in the industry today.

This design, powered by JDSU’s next-generation diode laser chip, offers 140W of output power within a 106.5µm core. The company believes the product will accelerate the adoption of fibre lasers by machine-tool makers and speed the metal cutting and shaping manufacturing processes.

JDSU also introduced its FCD561 series, the newest addition to its frequency converted diode (FCD) family of continuous-wave lasers for the life sciences market. FCD561 allows for targeted fluorescent pumping of specific fluorophores at their ideal absorption band, minimising the amount of needed incident laser power and reducing the potential for pumping of adjacent fluorophores within a sample.

This brings the reliability and efficiency needed to allow JDSU’s bioinstrumentation customers to pump yellow-green fluorophores currently not covered by more common direct-diode laser systems or lesser performing alternate laser technologies.