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Elliot Scientific has signed an agreement with iRphotonics, a designer and manufacturer of materials and systems for infrared applications, to exclusively distribute the iGuide range of advanced fibre optic products within the UK and Ireland.

iRphotonics use a patented fluoridation process allowing for the production of glass and optical fibre with exceptional optical and mechanical properties. Transmitting light from the UV to themid-infrared, the iGuide range is suitable for incorporation into a wide range of multi-spectral applications.

The range of products encompasses single and multimode fibres, high-power beam delivery versions, and the special II-V fibre that offers transmission from 0.4 to 5.5µm with low attenuation and no spectral absorption peak. Doped fibre is also available, either off-the-shelf or composed with customer specified dopant mixes and concentrations. Optical blanks formed from the same iGuide material can also be supplied.

Mouldable into standard or aspheric pre-forms, iGuide UVIR glass can be ground and polished in the traditional way or diamond turned for quicker production at lower cost.


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