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Elliot Scientific is distributing Klastech's Crescendo, a CW DPSS laser that outputs at the ruby wavelength of 694.3nm, making it ideal for researchers in biophysics and DNA sequencing.

Initially available with powers of up to 150mW, future designs offering up to 500mW are under development. The current units output in single longitudinal mode with typically less than 1MHz line width and a coherence length in excess of 100m.

An exceptionally low noise figure of under 0.05 per cent rms is allied with a near perfect Gaussian beam that has a pointing stability of <10µrad/°C, allowing the laser to meet the requirements of a range of applications that cannot be usually met by typical diode-based lasers. For example, bio-fluorescence, flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, holography, interferometry, disc mastering, haematology, food sorting, spectroscopy and retinal imaging.

In addition, the single frequency laser is designed to be capable of output power modulation while still maintaining the original diode laser current.