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iLine F

An in-line suspension cell-monitoring microscope, the iLine F, has ben introduced by Ovizio Imaging System, a quantitative microscopy company that specialises in solutions for the life sciences market.

The iLine F is an in-line, label free and non-invasive solution with no sampling, no staining and no toxic waste. The technology is designed for bioreactor grown suspension cells, and is connected to a bioreactor via an innovative disposable fluidics probe. This avoids sample consumption and reduces the risk of contamination.

A quantitative imaging technique based on differential digital holographic microscopy (DDHM) is used. The suspension cell-monitoring microscope monitors cell viability and cell density in real-time, as well as recording aggregate data and up to 16 morphologic parameters.

According to the company, the iLineF reduces costs and changes the way suspension cells are monitored, counted and analysed. The technology is automated, enabling operators to focus on other projects while the iLine F monitors the culture. In addition, the technology offers increased insight into the cell culture process by continuously collecting quantitative data providing reproducible, reliable results.

The launch of the iLine F microscope is the result of a long-term global marketing and distribution agreement between Ovizio and Applikon Biotechnology.


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