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XE15 atomic force microscope

The new XE15 atomic force microscope with unique MultiSample Scan from LOT-QuantumDesign can automatically images and measure up to nine individual samples without user intervention.

The Park XE15 is designed for shared labs that handle a diverse range of samples, researchers doing multi-variant experiments, and failure analysis engineers working on wafers.

The MultiSample Scan provides automated imaging of multiple samples in one pass, specially designed multi-sample chuck for the loading of up to nine individual samples, and also a fully motorized XY sample stage that travels up to 200 x 200mm.

The microscope also features CrossTalk Elimination which provides: dual independent, closed-loop XY and Z flexure scanners for sample probe and tip; flat and linear XY scan of up to 100 x 100µm with low residual bow; out of plane motion of less than 2nm over entire scan range; and up to 25μm Z-scan by high force scanner.

The 'True Non-Contact' mode elongates tip life, provides better sample preservation, and increases accuracy.


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