ILT550 spectroradiometer

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LOT Quantum Design has introduced the ILT550 spectroradiometer. The system is supplied with a SMA905 connector as standard, allowing it to be used with all previous ILT950 spectroradiometer accessories including diffusers, fibre optics and integrating spheres.

A variety of input optics can be added to allow measurements of total flux, irradiance, radiance, colorimetry, luminance, illuminance and more. New software features include an overlay function (to allow comparison of recorded data to a baseline), automatic PAR calculation and new colour/metamarism calculation for two and 10 degree observers.

The ILT550 has two versions: the standard version operating from 250nm to 900nm and a visible version from 360nm to 850nm. It offers 2.4nm resolution with a 50┬Ám slit.

LOT has also released the RC2, a spectroscopic ellipsometer with two rotating compensators. It features dual rotating compensator, achromatic compensator design, advanced light source and next-generation spectrometer design. The RC2 is a near-universal solution for the diverse applications of spectroscopic ellipsometry and Mueller matrix ellipsometry.