Scatter and Appearance Imaging Sphere

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Radiant Imaging's Scatter and Appearance Imaging Sphere (IS-SA) utilises scattered light measurement to characterise surface roughness, imperfections and diffusion properties in a wide range of reflective surfaces and transmissive films. These include plastics, metals, textiles, glass, papers, painted surfaces, and even human skin. The IS-SA offers a combination of rapid measurement speed, high angular resolution and low cost as compared with other scatter instrumentation.

The IS-SA consists of a hemispherical measurement dome, an integrated illumination source, and an imaging colorimeter. It captures the entire scattered light distribution from a surface in a single measurement, in seconds. System software provides fully automated instrument control, as well as complete data analysis and display. Standard scatter metrics, including TIS (Total Integrated Scatter), RA (average surface roughness), BRDF and BTDF, are automatically computed, and can be displayed as isometric plots, cross-sectional graphs, radar plots, bit maps, and colour graphs.