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iMIC 42 microscope system

Till Photonics has released the iMIC 42. The four-camera solution, requiring only two cameras, is a complete microscope system for advanced fluorescence microscopy applications.

The dual-camera module of iMIC 42 can be used with both Till's confocal spinning disk unit Andromeda and the epi– and TIRF pathway of the iMIC digital microscope. Only a single motorised slider needs to be switched to direct emission light either from the confocal spinning disk unit or the iMIC's widefield output to the beam splitting dual-camera unit. By this design the functionality of a four-camera setup is engineered with only two cameras.

iMIC 42 also replaces the widefield bypass of other spinning disk units. Fast motorised filter wheels in front of the cameras allow further selection of the emission light. All components are under real-time control. The Live Acquisition software combines a user friendly interface with powerful protocol optimisation for high speed and minimised photo-bleaching.

The system provides dual-camera FRET with confocal and widefield/TIRF images. It allows for fast galvo-based switching between different imaging techniques like FRAP, TIRF, epi or confocal. Only one set of lasers is required for confocal and FRAP/TIRF excitation with full laser power due to the integrated laser switch.


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