Yanus Multiport

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Till Photonics has released the Yanus Multiport, an extension to the Yanus digital scan head, which is used by research groups for multiphoton and STED microscopy setups or as an extension to Till's digital microscope iMIC for FRAP and TIRF experiments.

The Yanus Multiport allows up to three laser inputs to be combined for fluorescence excitation (single lasers and/or laser line combiner) or combining one or two laser inputs with an emission module for de-scanned detection.

Lasers can be connected directly to the Yanus without the need for a separate laser line combiner. If single lasers are combined with a laser line combiner, the Yanus Multiport increases the number of available laser wavelengths.

The focus for each port can be adjusted individually, which corrects focus positions for chromatic differences. The mirrors used for beam merging are an excellent flatness.

The emission module allows de-scanned detection (signals run through the Yanus scan head) of fluorescence emission. The emission signal is fibre coupled directly to the detector or to a beam-splitting unit with two Avalanche photodiodes also available from Till Photonics.