Improvements to NIRQuest spectrometers

French distributor BFi Optilas has announced improvements to its range of NIRQuest miniature NIR Spectrometers, manufactured by Ocean Optics. The new generation of NIRQuest delivers 20 per cent higher throughput, improved sensitivity and up to 3x better noise performance over previous NIR spectrometers. Additionally, the improved devices feature more options, external triggering and excellent signal-to-noise performance.

NIRQuest provides high sensitivity in both its 512- and 256-element versions, which the company claims allows longer integration periods with less noise interference, providing improved signal-to-noise performance. For the NIRQuest512, the company claims measured noise equivalent power (NEP) of <0.5pW at 1550nm with 100ms integration time. For the NIRQuest256-2.5, measured NEP is given as ~25pW at 2050nm with 30ms integration time.

NIRQuest spectrometers are said to be suitable for applications ranging from analysing moisture content in food and beverage products to analysing trace metals in wastewater.