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Edmund Optics is now offering the Infiniprobe UV video microscopes, which feature a continuously focusable design as well as easy mounting to video cameras. They provide a magnification range from 0 to 8x with excellent resolution, and are available in either straight (standard) or right-angled versions. They detect in the UV wavelength range of 250 to 400nm.

The Infiniprobe UV Video Microscopes can be used with two sizes of CCDs. With a 1/2-inch-format CCD, the minimum field of view is 0.8mm. With a 2/3-inch-format CCD, the minimum field of view is 1.1mm. In either case, the minimum working distance is 20mm.

The microscopes come with direct video C-Mount couplings. The microscope weighs 6.5oz, measures 34.8mm at its largest diameter, and is 180.6mm long. Accessories (available separately) include two options that double the magnification.


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