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Cedip Infrared Systems has launched Pharos – a high resolution multi-sensor platform specifically designed for short to medium range day/night surveillance applications.Pharos features a 384 x 288 pixel uncooled microbolometer thermal imager (night-time), a CCD camera (daytime) and an optional 2500m laser range finder, all integrated on a motorised pan and tilt platform. Weighing only 7kg the compact Pharos is housed in a robust IP65 enclosure, allowing it to operate effectively in all weather conditions. Providing high sensitivity (<65mK) and operating throughout the LWIR (8-14µm) – Pharos provides excellent high day/night detection capability in all visibility conditions. This makes it an ideal surveillance system for early fire detection in industrial production facilities and for detecting intruders in sensitive areas such as nuclear installations, power plants, harbours, airports and territorial borders.

Pharos can be easily set up in the field, mast-mounted on top of a vehicle or integrated into a video security network. Pharos can also be operated as a stand-alone system from a remote shock and waterproof command unit with built-in monitor providing full control of the system and display of both video channels.