INT05-200 and INT20-10 IR emitters

Laser Components has announced the availability of two new IR emitters manufactured by InTex, the INT05-200 and INT20-1000, which complement the company's existing MIRL17-900 series of IR emitters.

Compared to the previous series, the INT05-200 model offers 50 per cent faster modulation rate with a 3ms rise-time and lower power consumption, whereas model INT20-1000 outputs 40 per cent more radiation with just a 10 per cent increase in electrical power.

Based upon patented thin nanoamorphous carbon membranes acting as thermoresistive elements, these IR emitters offer fast switching speeds, enhanced signal-to-noise, and high emissivity and conductivity.

A range of window materials are available, including sapphire, calcium fluoride, barium fluoride, and zinc selenide.