Integral laser

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Rofin has released the Integral laser, which provides 200W of laser power with sweet spot generation.

The laser also provides the manual welding laser capability of Rofin's Select. The system is, just by the flick of a switch, an ergonomically optimised manual welding laser, joystick controlled deposit welding system or high-precision CNC system.

The large working chamber provides space for parts with up to 500mm width. The xy table with z axis moves work-pieces weighing up to 500kg with utmost precision in all three dimensions. The patented optical system which can be swivelled around two axes allows to process also vertical surfaces, undercuts or deep grooves without swivelling or tilting the work-piece. All these facts make the Integral very much qualified for practically all laser welding applications in precision engineering, electronics, thin sheet processing or even in the tool and mold industry.