Intelligent Interlock Systems

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Laser Optical Engineering has released its iNTELLILOCK system, which is  tamperproof, low voltage, versatile and suitable for both laser and machine applications.Interlocks contribute to staff safety, reducing down time due to sickness and faulty equipment. They are a requirement of EN 60825-1 for all class 4 and 3B lasers. Laser Optical’s iNTELLILOCK is different to standard interlock systems as it will not operate if any of the nodes are tampered with, so reducing the risk of accidents. iNTELLILOCK’s display  enables the users to locate the point of error and repair the system quickly. The system offers the versatility to interrogate up to 256 sensors, including temperature, acoustic, gas or particulate matter. Developed in 2007, the iNTELLILOCK has now gone into mass production with 20 units recently supplied to a laser machining company. As a mains powered unit, iNTELLILOCK is a must for any system where a hazard needs to be controlled, undertaking constant monitoring, and safety, of the working environment.