Interferometer transmission flats

Inrad Optics has introduced a new quick ship programme for industry-standard interferometer transmission flats. The transmission flats can be configured online and will be express shipped.

The quick ship programme applies to 4-, 6- and 12-inch transmission flats. A range of coating choices is available. The transmission flats are available uncoated, with a standard coating or with a custom coating based on evaporative vacuum coating processes, both ion assist and plasma assist e-beam.

Transmission flats are available as standalone optics or mounted in ring-style mounts. Mounted flats fit industry-standard Fizeau interferometers for easy replacement and installation.

Each transmission flat is packaged in a PET-G container for unmounted glass or in a wooden box when mounted to the designed ring.

Inrad Optics fabricates all transmission flats from highly homogeneous, bubble-free fused silica, which is then polished to the interferometric standards required by precision optics manufacturers.