Intex infrared emitters

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Laser Components now supplies 1-20µm high efficiency infrared emitters (IRE) from Intex, capable of pulsing up to 100Hz. The typical operating voltage is 6V with a resistance of 45 ohms at 750ºC operating temperature, consuming 180mW electrical power.

An impressive 99 per cent modulation depth at 10Hz and 50 per cent at 70Hz make these IREs fast IR light sources compared to non-membrane devices. Packaged in TO-5 housings with a choice of reflector and a range of IR window materials, these IREs feature long life exceeding 10 years at 605ºC, while maintaining very stable resistance and high operating temperature.

These wideband IREs are ideal IR sources for a range of applications including, gas sensors, photo acoustic analysers, MIR 'beacons', as well as a range of measurement and calibration equipment within the 1-20µm waveband.