IO-F-SL1 and IO-F-BB-SL2 fibre isolator

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Lambda Photometrics are now distributing a new line of fibre-to-fibre optical isolators from Optics for Research (OFR), specifically designed for use in super-luminescent light emitting diode (SLED or SLD) applications. These isolators provide high isolation and low insertion loss over broad bandwidths, and are available for common SLED wavelength ranges in the 750nm to 900nm region.

The isolators use OFR's proven IO-F series optical engine, and two platforms are available for single or dual chip SLED requirements. For single chip SLED applications the IO-F-SL1 fibre isolator provides superior performance over a spectral bandwidth of 70nm. For dual chip SLED systems the IO-F-BB-SL2 provides coverage over a 100nm bandwidth.

Isolation at the central wavelength typically exceeds 35dB, and is maintained to at least 20dB at the bandwidth FWHM points for both models. Optical power handling capability is 3W in the forward and reverse directions, and the compact packages are supplied with 1m SM800 fibre pigtails.