Phoenix 1400

Lambda Photometrics has launched the Phoenix 1400 C-band tunable laser, manufactured by Luna Technologies. Based on compact external cavity microelectromechanical laser technology, the Phoenix 1400 offers wavelength precision and tuning linearity, making it suitable for telecommunications test and measurement as well as a variety of other applications including optical frequency domain reflectometry (OFDR) systems, Fibre-Bragg sensing, metrology, near-infrared spectroscopy and tomography, heterodyne measurements and fibre component characterisation for dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM).

The Phoenix 1400 laser covers the 1515-1565nm waveband, and has integrated dual-channel power meters, sweep and retrace triggers, and a user-friendly graphical interface. The integrated wavemeter ensures industry leading wavelength accuracy. The Phoenix 1400 includes software development tools for easy integration into custom R&D and manufacturing application environments.

The Phoenix 1400 is part of a family of products, including the basic Phoenix 1000 laser package for OEM customers, and the forthcoming Phoenix 1200 module with integrated wavemeter and driver. All are based on the intellectual property of the former Apollo lasers, purchased by Luna in December 2006.