Ion beam sputtering

LaserOptik has introduced an ion beam sputtering (IBS) service, providing advanced coating technology that can satisfy critical demands on laser optics, such as complex filters or high power supermirrors. The IBS process provides superior reflectivity (99.99 per cent) and low losses (<100ppm).

The IBS process produces coatings of superior optical and mechanical properties, including low particulate density; high packing density with no water adsorption, extremely low thermal shift, and high thermal conductivity; and smooth surfaces with low roughness. IBS is a stable and repeatable process providing high accuracy for complex filter designs and has a low process temperature, which is suitable for temperature- and water-sensitive substrates and crystals.

The IBS process satisfies critical demands on laser optics, including extreme spectral characteristics, such as steep edge filters, band pass designs, non-polarising beam splitters, and high contrast polarisers. The process can provide thermally and mechanically stable coatings and coatings on sensitive substrates, such as non-linear or laser crystals.