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Ion-doped mineral glass satisfying laser protection standard EN 207

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Laservision has launched a range of safety spectacles that meet the mode-locked specification of European laser eyewear standard EN 207.


The EN 207 standard is split into four protection categories: D for continuous wave lasers; I for pulsed lasers (100ns to 0.1s pulse duration); R for Q-switched lasers (1 to 100ns) and M for mode-locked lasers (less than 1ns).


In a broad range of research projects with mode-locked lasers, the behaviour of different laser protection materials has been evaluated. As a result it was shown, that in combination with polycarbonate material, some specific reversible and irreversible effects (i.e. bleaching) could be observed.


Therefore the M-rated protection filters from Laservision are made from ion-doped mineral glass. The additional dielectrical coatings on the safety spectacles give a higher laser resistance and better colour recognition, when compared with polycarbonate-based eyewear, against mode-locked lasers.


Laservision is offering a broad range of certified products against most commonly used ultra short pico- and femtosecond lasers is offered with protection levels up to M L10 (1.5x10e6 J/m²).