Iris AO deformable mirrors

Available from Laser 2000, Iris AO has released deformable mirrors ranging from 100 to 500 actuators with an inscribed aperture from 3.5mm to 7.7mm.

The mirrors consist of up to 163 high-quality single-crystal-silicon segments. Each segment can be positioned by three actuators. Because of the quality of the individual segments, the gaps between the segments are small and the calibrations are accurate.

There is a wide range of optical HR coatings that can be combined with the segments. This opens the deformable mirrors up to a large number of applications. Initial testing has shown that the mirrors are capable of 300W/cm2 average power handling without heat sinking, and 3kW/cm2 with heat sinking. Other tests have demonstrated peak power handling in excess of 130MW/cm2 (4mJ/pulse) for pulsed applications.