Laser beam expanders

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Optical Surfaces' laser beam expanders incorporate off-axis mirrors which provide an unobstructed output and highly efficient transmission.

The reflective design of these beam expanders is achromatic and with aluminium coatings can operate from UV to far IR without adjustment. Optical Surfaces beam expanders are portable and can be used without the need for internal re-alignment.

Each off-axis beam expander is housed in an aluminium housing with provision for fixing to an optical table. Alignment aids are provided to ensure correct beam pointing. Standard beam expanders have fixed magnification. Variable magnification beam expanders can be supplied with interchangeable primary mirrors. An interferogram and OPD map is supplied with every beam expander manufactured by Optical Surfaces.


  • Doppler – shift LIDAR

  • LIDAR systems requiring fixed or variable focusing mechanism

  • Remote sensing

  • Interferometers

  • High power lasers


Laser Beam Expanders Specifications

  • Standard apertures up to 300 mm

  • Wavefront accuracy > λ/5 p-v at 633nm

  • Expansion up to x100

  • Vertical or horizontal beam separation

  • Range of coatings

  • Focusing capability (option)

  • Common focus design (option)

  • Variable magnification (option)

  • Temperature stabilisation using Invar tie bars (option)

  • Vacuum compatibility (option)

  • Cleanroom assembly (option)