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Imec has released its fully integrated silicon photonics platform (iSiPP25G) for high-performance optical transceivers (25Gb/s and beyond).

Imec extends its silicon photonics offering by using a standard 130nm CMOS toolset, with active components such as high-speed optical modulators and integrated germanium photo-detectors.

This iSiPP25G platform supports tight within-wafer silicon thickness variation, three-level patterning of 220nm top silicon layer (193nm optical lithography), low loss (2.5dB/cm) strip waveguides, high efficiency grating couplers (2.5dB insertion loss), 50GHz germanium photodiode, and MRR modulators and thermo-optic tuner.

The first run is now open for registration, with tape-in on 8 November and first wafers out in June 2014.