Mantis ultra-short pulse oscillator

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The Mantis from Coherent is an oscillator for short pulse (broadband) ultrafast applications. 

The Mantis has been optimised for a single operating point (in terms of wavelength and bandwidth) enabling simplified design, increased ease-of-use and a cost-performance benefit to customers. 

Mantis generates more than 300mW of average power at a nominal centre wavelength of 800nm and has a bandwidth more than 70nm, which can be compressed to under 20fs using the optional external CPC Compact Pulse Compressor. 

Mantis incorporates a 5W green pump laser based on monolithic OPSL (optically pumped semiconductor laser) technology rather than a traditional DPSS pump.  (OPSL technology has been widely used in demanding OEM applications such as bio-instrumentation for several years).

A major application for the Mantis is seeding short pulse amplifier/OPA systems to generate tunable high energy, sub-35fs pulses for a wide range of pulse-probe experiments in physics and chemistry. 

Typical examples include studies into molecular photodissociation dynamics and power hungry techniques such as fluorescence upconversion. Another application area is THz spectroscopy and imaging. Here the Mantis oscillator will generate a wider spectrum of THz radiation, because of the laser’s very short pulsewidth.