Isobeam Fusion Collimator

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Pacer International is distributing the new Isobeam Fusion Collimator from LightPath to protect marking fibre lasers working at high peak power by suppressing back reflection and backscattering.

These high power beam delivery systems combine an integrated optical isolator in line with a Fusion fibre collimator. The 1064nm high power isolator features very low insertion loss, high isolation, high power handling, minimal return loss and excellent reliability and environmental stability. The collimator features LightPath’s Fibre Fusion technology, where the lens is laser fused directly to the tip of the fibre.

This virtually eliminates back-reflections without the need to angle cleave the fibre, thus allowing the optical system to remain coaxial through the isolator. It reduces the return loss and improves the overall reliability of the assembly.

Standard configurations are available for 0.5mm and 1.0mm beam diameters. Custom designs can also be produced with different beam diameters, fibre types and higher power handing capability.