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Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI), is now offering antireflection (AR) coated ball lenses for fibre optics, telecom and datacom applications.  DSI's IsoSpheres are extremely durable and scratch resistant, and are available in a variety of glass indexes and new, larger sizes from 200μm up to 10.0mm diameter. The ball lenses feature transmission values of greater than 99.5 per cent. 

Highly suited for telecommunications, datacom and expanded beam connector applications, DSI’s IsoSphere line of ball lens products are an affordable, mechanically-compact optical method for collimating the output of an optical fibre or laser diode.  Versatile and practical, the IsoSphere AR coated ball lenses can be used in fibre-to-fibre, diode-to-fibre, and fibre-to-detector coupling tasks. 

The lenses feature an exceptionally uniform optical AR coating over the entire surface of the ball lens.  This uniformity of the AR coating eliminates the need for orientation of the lens in the customer’s device, greatly reducing labour-intensive, device-assembly costs.

DSI’s IsoSphere AR-coated ball lenses are stable over temperature and humidity and resistant to most chemicals. Meeting or surpassing the rigid Mil-C675 testing standards for severe abrasion, adhesion, humidity and salt fog tests, these devices work well in oil field exploration and refining, aircraft, marine and undersea tasks and many aerospace applications.