Ocean Optics has just released its first custom application for its modular Jaz spectrometer platform: Jaz-A-IRRAD. This application changes Jaz into a dedicated light meter allowing users to measure calibrated absolute irradiance without any need for an external computer.

With only three pushes of a button Jaz-A-IRRAD provides the freedom to capture full spectral irradiance information of the selected light source, which can then be post processed to give the intensity parameter of choice, whether it be W/cm2, lumen, lux, PAR or any other light intensity parameter.

Jaz-A-IRRAD comes on an SD Card, and Jaz's unique internal software will adapt its user interface, functionality and post processing capabilities creating a robust and foolproof instrument. It allows the user to take it into the field, capture quick measurements and return to the lab for analysis. The three-button wizard makes operation simple, so non-spectroscopy experts are able to perform fast and accurate measurements without any up-front knowledge.