SIR scanning spectrometers

Ocean Optics now offers a range of its SIR scanning spectrometers for analysing infrared lasers. The company's SIR spectrometers feature rotating-gratings, and offer high-resolution and signal-to-noise performance in the near-IR. The four models in the SIR range cover wavelengths from 900-6,500nm: SIR-2600 at 900-2,600nm; SIR-3400 at 1,000-3,400nm; SIR-5000 at 2,000-5,000nm; and SIR-6500 at 3,000-6,500nm.

All SIR spectrometers use a single point detector and a high angular resolution-tunable grating system. The zero-backlash mechanical design provides accuracy and repeatability. This combination, along with an innovative 24-bit A/D converter, provides high spectral resolution and very high signal-to-noise data. The spectrometers feature USB 2.0-compliant interfaces that provide fast data transfers, and the included software can be used to control all SIR spectrometer's functions. The compact design of the devices allows them to be integrated easily into OEM applications and process environments.