Jaz Modular Spectroscopy Sensing Suite

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Ocean Optics has launched a family of modular optical sensing instruments easily adaptable for the field, lab or process environments.

Jaz is a family of stackable, modular and autonomous components that share common electronics and communications, able to operate together or separately. By incorporating a powerful microprocessor and onboard display, the need for a PC is eliminated, freeing the Jaz for applications outside the lab. Ethernet connectivity for Internet-addressable sensing, SD card for data storage and battery module enables completely untethered measurements and data collection.

Jaz features a crossed Czerny-Turner optical bench with a linear CCD-array detector and grating and slit options for a variety of configurations. The RoHS compliant platform expands to include a UV-VIS light source, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and up to eight spectrometer modules, allowing the system to be customised to changing application needs. The Jaz also accommodates fibre optic accessories such as cuvette holders and fibres. The OLED display has a wide viewing angle and two user-specified configurations.