Jive 05-01 CW DPSS laser at 561nm

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Cobolt has introduced a new wavelength on its ground breaking single-frequency 05-01 platform released in 2009. The new higher power series of the Cobolt Jive operates at 561nm with up to 300mW CW output power - well suited to demanding applications such as advanced flow cytometry and super-resolution microscopy.

The Cobolt Jive 05-01 is a continuous-wave single-frequency DPSS laser operating at 561nm in a perfect quality TEM00 beam (M2<1.1). It is available with up to 300mW output power on the single-frequency 05-01 Series platform. A new proprietary cavity design provides ultra-low noise performance of typically <0.1per cent rms (over 20Hz-20MHz and over 10-40°C) and a narrow spectral linewidth of <1MHz as well as being immune to optical feedback. Lower powers (25-150mW) are available on the 04-01 Series platform.

The laser is manufactured using Cobolt’s proprietary HTCure technology in a compact and hermetically-sealed package, which provides a very high level of immunity to varying environmental conditions and exceptional reliability. Lasers built using the HTCure technology have shown to withstand multiple 60g mechanical shocks in operation without any sign of degraded performance. They can be exposed to extreme temperatures (>100°C), and are insensitive to pressure and humidity.

The laser is supplied with a compact controller (CDRH or OEM) which can be remotely accessed for operation and monitoring of the laser system over digital (RS-232) or analogue interfaces. Available on the same platform is also the Cobolt Zouk with 10mW CW at 355nm, the Cobolt Samba with up to 1,000mW CW at 532nm and the Cobolt Rumba with up to 2,000mW CW at 1,064nm.