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GSI Group has announced a new continuous wave (CW) laser with super-modulation and a new pulsed drilling laser with high peak power.

The JK2003SM can offer materials processing speeds and penetration similar to a 4kW laser, but at a reduced cost of ownership. This new product has a nominal 2kW CW output, but SuperModulation produces performance benefits including higher weld speeds, reduced porosity and increased weld penetration.

The JK300D pulsed laser provides a high level of peak power – 16kW – for percussion drilling and trepanning of a range of automotive and aerospace components.

Pulsed peak power is delivered through a 300 µm Luminator fibre, which optimises the drilled hole by homogenising the power distribution, giving a virtually flat top-hat profile and dimensionally round holes with a minimal recast layer. The JK Luminator fibre delivery system offers excellent protection against back reflection without compromising beam quality, even on highly reflective materials at full power.

Integration for both lasers occurs via a library of interfacing tools. The laser operation is managed through GSI’s LaserView SE user interface.