JK2003SM/ JK300D

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GSI has announced a new continuous wave (CW) laser and a new pulsed drilling laser with high peak power.

The JK2003SM is a cost-effective tool for materials processing, with a power and penetration similar to 4kW lasers. Nominally having a 2kW CW output, GSI’s patented SuperModulation and Dual Cavity technology enables good productivity with high quality results.

The benefits of SuperModulation include higher weld speeds, reduced porosity, and increased weld penetration.

GSI has also released the JK300D pulsed laser, which provides a class-leading level of peak power – 16kW – for percussion drilling and trepanning of a range of atomotive and arospace components.

Pulsed peak power is delivered through a 300µm Luminator fibre which gives homogeneous power distribution, and provides protection against back reflection without compromising beam quality.