K-series laser scanners

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Ingenia Technology, a provider of anti-counterfeiting products, has launched the first product in its K-series of high-speed laser scanners to help manufacturers combat counterfeiting and diversion practices.

Designed to be integrated into the fastest production lines, the new scanner is capable of scanning at 10m/s or up to 50 items a second. Operating at these high speeds, the data captured and processed every second by the highly sensitive laser scanner is equivalent to playing 140 CDs simultaneously.

The new K-series scanner represents the next generation implementation of Ingenia’s novel Laser Surface Authentication (LSA) technology. LSA uses a laser to scan the surface of products to generate an intrinsic 'fingerprint' of each item. Using a secure database and field scanners, each individual product or document can be authenticated anywhere in the world and traced through the entire supply chain.

Developed in conjunction with Cambridge Consultants, the product development company, Ingenia's new scanner increases the areas of use for its LSA technology. Its opto-electronics enable it to scan almost any material, including shiny, smooth or dark surfaces.