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The DCS-120, manufactured by Becker & Hickl and distributed by Photonic Solutions, is a complete confocal laser scanning fluorescence lifetime imaging system. It eliminates the need for expensive scanning microscopes, requiring just a conventional inverted microscope is required.

The DCS-120 features high sensitivity, high time resolution and fast data recording. The DCS-120 system consists of a confocal scan head, picosecond diode lasers, multi-wavelength detector modules, a scan controller and TCSPC modules. It is compatible with any of the Becker & Hickl SPC-830, SPC-140 or SPC-150 modules and can be used with the Becker and Hickl PMC-100, H7422 or ultra-fast MCP detector modules.

Applications include biological fluorescence, biomedical imaging, confocal microscopy, multi-spectral fluorescence lifetime imaging, anisotropy decay imaging.