Kelvin 275, Corona 350 and Ultra 8000e

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The Kelvin 275 is a stabilised multi-sensor airborne system used to detect and measure hot spots in power transmission lines from the air. It features FLIR's best-in-class 640 x 480 long-wave thermographic camera, which delivers the exceptional sensitivity, resolution, and image quality needed for airborne predictive maintenance inspection applications.

The Corona 350 combines an ultraviolet camera, a colour video camera, and a 320 x 240 long-wave thermographic camera, creating a comprehensive utility imaging system that lets operators detect coronas, find and measure hot spots, and document easement encroachment, all with one system. The Corona 350 is unique due to its ability to overlay its ultraviolet and colour TV video signals to create an image that allows operators to detect coronal discharges (areas of ionised air) that can damage insulators and other electrical components. The early detection of coronas by aerial inspection is a fast and efficient method of reducing maintenance costs.

The Ultra 8000e is a stabilised thermal imaging system designed for environmental protection, improved pipeline and processing plant safety, and economic loss prevention. The 8000e combines powerful continuous-zoom optics with FLIR's GasFindIR technology to allow operators to detect fugitive alkane and volatile organic compound (VOC) gases from the air. Many industrial gases and VOCs are invisible to the naked eye, but with its specialised sensor, the 8000e displays many of these fugitive gases as black fumes. Because of its visible detection capability, the 8000e is not prone to false positives commonly experienced with 'sniffer' detection systems.