KS30 contrast sensor

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Eltrotec has released the KS30 contrast sensor, which combines small 3mm spot size and 40kHz fast response to achieve high-speed contrast differentiation of both neutral and colour targets.

The white light LED allows accurate detection of a wide range of colours against any background. Two seven-segment displays provide a visual representation of the relative intensity from 00 to 50. Two gain settings and three LED intensity settings provide for flexible operation over a wide range of conditions. The small spot size allows the resolution necessary to achieve accurate timing and position measurements. The discrete outputs provide the high-speed interface PNP/NPN to external controls in applications. An analogue output 0-5 VDC allows external monitoring of signal levels for integration in new machine integration as well as converting applications. The sensor comes with mounting bracket that together with the circular spot allows any orientation of the sensor to marks in three axes.

Applications in printing, sorting by colours, confirmation of data code presence and cap inserts, as well as detection of glossy surfaces are covered by this new contrast and colour mark sensor.