L-Mount fiber-coupled diode laser module

Limo Lissotschenko Mikrooptik is promoting its L-Mount fiber-coupled diode laser module that has a 60Watt output.

The L-Mount fiber-coupled diode laser module is smaller than a compact digital camera (109mm x 25mm x 20mm). It is engineered for the wavelengths 976nm and 981nm and is suited for pumping solid-state and fibre lasers. The new L-Mount system also offers a number of new features; a protection filter, which protects the chip in the L-Mount from destruction by any reflected external beams from a pumped laser system; and a free cladding mode.

Limo states that it increases the quality of the beam with a volume holographic grating that reduces the deviation of the L-Mount laser beams from the set wavelength from about 2nm to less than 1nm. Limo also supplies the laser as an open beam module with a maximum power of 70W. It does not have a fibre connection but emits a rectangular laser beam of 10mm by 5mm via a window.