Twin-wavelength diode laser for surgical applications

Limo has developed a compact diode laser delivering a wavelength of 1,470nm in combination with an additional parallel wavelength of either 980nm, 940nm or 810nm for medical applications. The power rating of the fibre-coupled laser is 15W and 30W. On request, a power rating of >100W can also be supplied.

The housing of the laser is small, but fully equipped, and includes a protective window, fibre contact switch, monitor diode, and pilot laser. The combination of a compact design with all additional and safety features makes it suitable for integration into OEM appliances without increasing development and production costs. The high-performance laser module makes it possible for the end user to operate practically in a wide range of ambient temperatures, in both CW and pulsed operation modes.

The Limo diode laser modules are designed to be maintenance-free, and flexible warranty periods are provided. The well-suited for use in medical treatment and surgery, where the twin wavelength output allows absorption properties to be optimised for both water and haemoglobin.