Replaceable window for L-Mount laser

LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik of Dortmund has given its L-Mount type fibre-coupled diode laser modules an additional replaceable window, which saves the user both time and money. The L-Mount modules have a very compact, hermetically-sealed housing. The laser (output: 30-60W) generates a beam with a wavelength of 808nm to 980nm, which is directed at its location by a glass window and a fibre connection with razor-thin fibres (diameter: 200µm and 400µm). Medical technology predominantly uses lower priced disposable fibres, which should be replaced after every operation.

Frequently replacing fibres increases the risk of laser failure, for instance, as a result of accidental fibre soiling or damage. Plastic droplets and smoke residue are deposited on the window, soiling it or even damaging it. Users then have to replace the complete laser module or send it for repairs. Limo now fits its L-Mount laser housings with an additional replaceable window, which protects the actual fixed window from soiling and damage. Now, if the fibres are destroyed, the user only has to replace the window.