LabMax Laser Power and Energy Meter

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Coherent has released its LabMax laser power and energy meter with the option of a GPIB interface. The device will be distributed by Pro-Lite Technology.


With the ability to log every laser pulse at up to 1kHz, data logging becomes an important consideration. LabMax has an internal flash memory with the ability to record to a USB flash drive attached directly to the meter. The meter can be connected directly to a PC and the data analysed directly through the USB port, RS232 serial connection or IEEE.488 (GPIB) interface. This gives the LabMax versatility whether being used in the laboratory or in the field.


LabMax is Coherent’s high-performance laser power and energy meter and is compatible with all of Coherent thermal, photodiode and pyroelectric sensor heads. LabMax can capture and report every pulse at kHz rep rates; multiple data interface options and is compatible with LM-series quadrant thermopiles for beam power and position analysis.


LabMax now comes in three versions: the LabMax–TO for power measurements; the LabMax–TOP for power and energy measurements; and the latest LabMax-TOP with GPIB interface. All meters offer wavelength coverage between 190nm to 12μm. The LabMax–TO can measure power levels between nW and kW. The LabMax–TOP models can also measure energy levels from nJ to Joules. Additionally the LabMax–TOP can log the energy of every laser pulse at a maximum of 1kHz, with pulse sampling at up to 10kHz.